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Scott B. Johnson

One of the major problems with online scams is that they sound so good. Not only good, but plausible too. With all their case examples and so-called testimonials and reviews, it’s no wonder that people are duped into believing that they can achieve such high earnings, and so easily too.

As more and more online frauds start to appear, it becomes tough to know who to trust and who to steer clear from.

So how about Unifunds?

A crowdfunding company, Unifunds provides financial solutions and strategies to achieve leadership in the industry. Other products that they offer aside from crowdfunding services are binary options, stock market, cost-per-lead advertising and mobile applications development.

The goal of the company is to help their members attain a better lifestyle and to fulfill all their financial needs. As for company beliefs, Unifunds operates on a high ethical principle and assures open communication and transparency with their members.

Now, it’s highly unbelievable that an online company is as legitimate as they claim to be. However, their growing member base must see something that we don’t.

Recounting their activities, you cannot deny that Unifunds really knows how to attract new members and maintain current members. Their gala dinners in Asia and Germany were exclusive and lavishly done, held in captivating locations. The company also issued out preferred shares to their shareholders, which market insiders say are rising in value substantially. Their membership may be in the early thousands now but the number is increasing exponentially by the day.

Their chosen platforms also seem to be doing well. While other companies are seeing a decrease in their performance, the industries that Unifunds participate in are performing profitably. Their success rate and business growth are quite good, given the company is only a decade old.

Perhaps that is why Unifunds is received with such doubt. Although it is not unheard of for a company to grow at an escalated rate, it still raises suspicions and skepticism.

These negativity is especially heightened as Unifunds is in the crowdfunding industry. A market spoilt by fraudulent individuals and companies running off with funds, the crowdfunding industry has taken a great blow in the recent years and has impacted many authentic crowdfunding sites and companies.

Internally, Unifunds has faced their own fair share of problems. From delays in their phases to system and technology complications, the obstacles affected both the company and their members.

Nevertheless, aside all the issues they faced both internally and externally, the management of the company seems to continue its drive forward, not even slowing down for a moment. This has led to the global standing that Unifunds is experiencing currently as well as their continued solid and strong company growth.