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Muoi A. Jones

6 reasons you’re missing out on profit

As you’ve already read in the truth about binary options not everyone can and will be a winner. There are some good reasons for that. In this article, I will show you why you are losing money with binary options. The answers are actually very simple. However, the road to success isn’t paved. You need to get focused and start making that profit!

Reason #1: you’re basically gambling

This is something I still see every day. People who want to make it as great investors, but in reality, they’re just throwing their money away as if they’re at a roulette table. Do you follow the news? Do you know the asset you’re trading? Get in there and make sure you have the info you need.

Reason #2: you don’t listen to your gut

Your instincts are screaming, but you’re not listening! Many people have this problem. They’re too much in their heads, and too little in touch with their intuition. If you have done what I said in reason #1, you know the facts. But nothing is more important than developing good intuition – and listening to it.

Reason #3: you took advice from the wrong person

Even traders that have read the right news and have a strong intuition they can rely on make this mistake every now and then. Someone comes along, gives you the ‘tip of a lifetime’, and you willfully act on it. The result? Failure.

Reason #4: you’re too hungry for cash

How many times have you looked at a trade and thought, “if I put my money on this, I can make a fortune”? And how did that end? You’ve lost. Don’t let the dollar signs in your eyes cloud your vision. Slow and steady wins the race. Never forget that.

Reason #5: you’re not learning from your mistakes

Even the greatest entrepreneurs in the world, such as Donald Trump, make big mistakes. If there’s one thing investors can learn from Donald Trump, it’s that you can’t win every time. But what makes people like Donald Trump the great entrepreneurs they are? They pick themselves up, learn from their mistakes, and start over. And that’s what you need to do.

Reason #6: you didn’t cover the basics

Another problem with people who start trading binary options is that they usually fall in love with a great bonus offer, and start trading right away. You need to start learning the basics. Browse through our extensive Binary Options Tips section and read our Binary Options How To Guide for starters. Those will get you off to a flying start!